ASTROFISH GAMES - We are a passionate independent VR game developer, based in the UK. Collectively, the directors bring over 20 years hands on games industry experience across AAA mobile and console gaming making up over 40 years professional real-time 3D, digital art and engineering experience.

We love making games - We thrive from creating VR experiences for people to have fun in. We get a buzz from seeing players have that WOAH! moment when they discover just how much they can feel and achieve in VR. Giving players the most opportunity to feel AWESOME.

Amp’ing the feeling - UX is key, everything we do is centered around empowering the player to feel like they’re in the shoes of the character. Skills, motion, control, power - it should all be there.

Let’s be different - Our mission is to push the boundaries of art and design in the emerging field of VR gaming and design. We chose to work on tackling some of the toughest problems in VR. Not because it was easy, but because it was pushing the boundaries of what is possible and we enjoy offering that to players.



Sci-fi hoverbike first person shooter

Ground Runner: Trials fuses FPS action with intense vehicle combat to create an incredibly immersive VR experience like you’ve never seen. Available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Strap into your hoverbike’s cockpit, then outfly and outgun your enemies to become the ultimate Ground Runner in the system.

Ground Runner: Trials puts you in full control of your plasma surfing hoverbike with complete freedom of movement and an awesome array of weapons at your disposal.

Strap in, set the throttle to max and prepare to dominate the battlefield in the most intense VR vehicle-based shooter you’ve ever experienced.


Sci-fi Hovercraft Rally Racer

Work In Progress / In development - @OffworldRally

Off World Rally is a VR rally track racer. Just like Ground Runner: Trials, the player manipulated physical controls to manouever their hovercraft.

OWR will take place on multiple stages/tracks across multiple planets. The player will be able to purchase and upgrade their vehicles with their winnings through 3 vehicle classes.

Just like the game Wipeout, players will be able to pick up and use a variety of weapons and pickups during a race to gain the advantage.

Players will be able to take on AI racers and their ghost in time trial. Players will be able to upload their ghost for other people to race against.

Off World Rally will initially be available on Oculus Rift, VIVE and Non-VR: PC.

We hope to bring both GR:T and OWR to PSVR in the future.